Home Inspection Checklist

Free Home Inspection Checklist

Are you looking at purchasing a new home in the near future? When looking at your new potential home it is good to look at specific things and use the information to determine what the house is being offered for and the condition and status of the house as well. Making a Home Inspection Checklist is a factor to help remove any of the emotion when making a large financial investment and see if the house really is something that will be a financial benefit for you and your family.

Microsoft has created a Home Inspection Checklist template that is downloadable on this page that you can customize it to fit your exact needs. The download is available to you at free of charge. Once you download the document open it up in Microsoft Excel (Either Windows or Macintosh) and print the Home Inspection Checklist prior to going and seeing the home in person. It will give you an in depth look at the pros and cons in helping you reach an educated decision.

Using the Home Inspection Checklist

The Home Inspection Checklist document comes populated with the following information on the first two pages:

  • Address
  • Listing agent’s name & phone number
  • Listing agent’s email address
  • Price
  • Taxes
  • School District
  • Lot size (sq. feet)
  • Lot dimensions
  • No. of floors
  • House size (sq. feet)
  • No. of bedrooms
  • No. of bathrooms
  • House style and color
  • House faces (N,W, E,S)
  • Daytime street traffic
  • Nighttime street traffic
  • Air traffic
  • Train traffic
  • Sidewalks
  • Nearby playgrounds
  • Children nearby
  • Pets nearby
  • Proximity to schools
  • Proximity to shopping
  • Maintenance records available
  • Location on the block
  • Age and condition of electrical
  • Age and condition of plumbing
  • Age and condition of heating
  • Age and condition of air conditioning
  • Landscaping features | Garden
  • Architectural features
  • Condition of neighboring houses
  • Why seller wants to sell

The Home Inspection Checklist goes into great details and covers everything, including items often overlooked. The remaining sheets cover the house room by room and examining the condition of all items and describing their conditions as good, missing, scratched, damaged, broken or needs repair or replacement. Compiling this information will help you make an informative decision when making your next home investment.

Download: Home Inspection checklist

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