Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet

screenshot of the Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet

The Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet is an excellent way to keep up with your inventory. The spreadsheet will provide you with information on how soon you will need to reorder certain items.

The Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet is completely free to use. It can be downloaded easily and saved to your desktop in excel. Your Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet will be customizable to your specific requirements for your business, whether large or small.

Using the Inventory Excel Spreadsheet

To start using the Inventory Excel Spreadsheet you will simply need a method, if not already in place, to create an Id number, name and description for your item. For example Item # 000001 Miniwheats 10 boxes.

There is a column designed to enter your unit price, and of course you will be able to update this as necessary. Next to the column for the unit price is a column for you to enter the quantity of the item currently in stock. However frequently you reorder, you will be able to quickly see which items need to be reordered.

The far right column of the Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet will keep a track of the reorder level you want to maintain for your stock. This will ensure that you do not run out of a certain item.

The Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet can be used on a schedule you design yourself, either weekly or more or less often. The data from the sheet will allow you to see patterns in your sales. You will see with certain items that sell quickly that you will need to order more.

Over time as you use the Inventory List Excel Spreadsheet you will see seasonal patterns and changes. You will find that certain items do not sell well at certain times of the year, and you can reduce your stock of these items to purchase more of a seasonal top seller.

For a well-planned business, you will want to download this free and very easy to use organizational tool for your inventory. Planning ahead and making sure that you never run out of stock provides excellent customer service which is the key to running a successful business.



Download: Inventory lists excel template

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