Calculating Your New Mortgage Payments Using Excel Templates

Calculating Your New Mortgage Payments Using Excel Templates

Using Loan Amortization Schedule To Keep Track of Your Mortgage Payments

If you are buying a new home soon, using loan amortization schedule will be helpful for your budget.  This schedule allows you to enter loan amounts, anticipated interest rates, and loan payments per year.  With these variables, you are can calculate your anticipated loan payment for your new home.  Being able to tweak the interest rates and extra payments makes these schedules ideal for the new home owner.

Excel is an ideal tool to use for these calculations. Many of these templates are already included in Microsoft Excel’s template collection.  These templates are free and available to you if you are using this Microsoft product.  They can be downloaded from the internet or open from the template directory in Excel.

Again, this template is free and available in your version of Excel provided you are using 2003 or higher version.  If you are not using this version, try downloading it from the template area of Microsoft’s website.  For directions on how to download this template from your version of Excel, click here.

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