Marketing Project Planner

Marketing Project Planner

Working on a large and lengthy marketing project with a team can be a taxing process. Any good marketing manager knows that a solid plan can make any project go much smoother. The Marketing Project Planner is an Excel template for you to use to strategize every part of your project from beginning to end.

How to use the Marketing Project Planner

Use the link below to download the Excel planner and begin. The template has placeholders to help guide you. The front page is an example marketing project to show you what the end result will look like. Start by going to the bottom of the page and click the tab labeled “List Data”.

Here is where you enter the names and titles of everyone working on the project. Change the data to fit your group and when you’re done, go back to the tab labeled “Marketing Plan Data”.

The names and titles from “List Data” will be used in this. Start by adjusting and listing all of the tasks needed to complete this marketing project under “Task”. The top bar has multiple color-coding for the status of each task. Put “On” or “Off” for what you want to use and re-label as needed. When you click in the cell next to a task, you’ll be given all the options that you’ve turned “on” above.

Under “Owner” and “Assigned To”, the cells will let you choose from the people you entered in the “List Data” tab. From there, the anticipated start and end dates can be entered along with the estimated costs of each task. There are also areas for actual start and end dates and complete costs for when you have that data.

Once your chart is filled, you are finished.

Tips for using the Marketing Project Planner Excel Template

  • Share this template in an open folder so everyone can access and update it as needed. Printed copies with just the basics of dates and assignments can be helpful too.
  • Add as many tasks as the project needs. Don’t try to cram too much into one task area, instead split it into stages so that nothing is missed.
  • Change the title of the document to reflect your project.

Download the Marketing Project Planner


Template courtesy of Microsoft

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