Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet

Sales Pipeline management Spreadsheet

If you run a business, you know that consistent sales are vital to your company’s success. Use this Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet to monitor your sales funnel process. 

Sales Pipeline management Spreadsheet

This sales pipeline management spreadsheet helps you track accounts through your entire sales process. Whether you’re following up on a new lead or closing a sale, this chart helps you visualize where you are in the process. It also provides space to enter information about the likelihood that a lead will become a sale, and the projected amount of the sale, to help you plan ahead for future quarters.

Sales pipeline management is vital for controlling your sales process and making sure that every account receives the attention it deserves. This sales pipeline management spreadsheet makes tracking sales information a breeze, so you can spend more time meeting with clients and less trying to organize your sales pipeline. It also provides an option to view either details or a chart of your sales pipeline, so you can choose the format that best shows your company’s sales.

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