Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now, you have the perfect opportunity to keep your household looking like new. The Spring Cleaning Checklist is a simple document that can store all your cleaning tasks on one page. The template serves as a way to track all the cleaning tasks you need you need to accomplish in a day. It doesn’t matter if you use the template for your own home or for the business you work at, this handy sheet will have you saving time and energy by maximizing your efficiency. Just mark off the tasks as you go. Nothing could be simpler.

Spring Cleaning Checklist Instructions

The Cleaning Checklist template was meant to simply be customized then printed so let’s get started with the first part.

The sections of the document are broken into different categories. These categories will be highlighted in blue and the titles will be bolded. Go through and change the titles to match the areas of the space that needs cleaning in your life.

Once you have the headers correct, now you can do the same with all the items below each title. In the examples given to you, you’ll notice that the tasks below each of the categories are related to that title.

As you go through each section, making new tasks along the way, make sure to list the tasks under the appropriate section. This will make organization much easier in the future when you actually start cleaning these areas.

Now, it’s time to print your completed sheet. In the Home ribbon at the top of your screen, you will see the “File” tab. Click on the “File” tan and select “Print” from the proceeding drop-down menu.

Now that you have a physical copy, just place it anywhere you deem easily accessible. As you continue through the daily completing each task, just mark them off the list with a simple check mark when you complete them.

Don’t let the work pile up around you; efficiently clean your space with this free Cleaning Checklist template.

Download: Spring Cleaning Checklist

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