Wedding Planner Worksheet

Wedding Planner Worksheet from

For as cherished and whimsical as most weddings are made out to be in countless romantic comedies, the ‘biggest day of our lives’ tends to be met with some of the most hair-pulling frustration for engaged couples.

According to Statistics Brain, more than one in three couples begin planning their wedding up to 12 months in advance, a 28 percent surge since 2010. And in the last three months prior to the date, the typical bride will allot some 11 hours a week to organizing their ultimate fairy tale event.

And that’s not even the most zealous of brides and grooms. Nearly 16 percent of brides start to outline their big day even before being popped the question.  And between decadent flower decorations, catering requests, wedding invites and bridesmaid fittings, it’s no surprise finding engaged couples wanting a sizable head start.

With so many obligations slated to pull brides and grooms every which way with their wedding, keeping track of tasks and important milestones throughout the process is crucial. And with the Wedding Planner Worksheet from, potential brides and grooms can keep their wedding plan efficient and organized. You can get the wedding planner worksheet for free right here.

Notable Features of the Wedding Planer Worksheet

  1. Keep track of every small – or sizable – step towards the perfect wedding. From announcing your engagement to booking photographers and finding the perfect bridesmaid dress, the Wedding Planner Spreadsheet contains every conceivable step towards creating a dream wedding. And what’s more, the easy-to-manipulate Excel spreadsheet contains room for task additions.
  2. Separate tasks based on duration and date. The Wedding Planner Worksheet contains spaces for tasks to be categorized in boxes for multiple dates, spanning weeks or several months.
  3. Categorize tasks the day before, the day of, and throughout the honeymoon. The spreadsheet contains a special area for honing in on the most crucial planning days.

4 Major Wedding Planning Mistakes

Wedding Planner Worksheet from

  1. Procrastinating. If you plan to throw five figures towards a wedding expense, don’t expect to see it taken care of three weeks prior to the wedding. Use the Wedding Planner Worksheet to allot how much time should be spent per activity, based off of priority and expense.
  2. Failing to organize. On top of the Wedding Planner Worksheet, consider using a calendar or datebook to keep track of important appointments.
  3. Not divvying-up duties. Not surprisingly, a sizable bulk of wedding plans tend to fall on the bride’s to-do list. This, of course, can lead to extreme stress in the bride’s case, so don’t refrain from designating certain planning activities per partner.
  4. Failing to negotiate. Weddings tend to be one of the biggest expenses an individual will face, with an average of $27,000 forked over in preparation for the big day. So when it comes to negotiating prices and finding the best saves in your shopping process, effort will be key. Be upfront about your expectations in initial meetings with planners and event organizers, as this will be your financial leveraging point throughout the process.

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