Weight Loss Tracker

One of our most popular tools to help people get in shape this year, the free Weight Loss Tracker is available to anyone looking to get healthier. This template may not look like much, but with three simple tabs, it makes all the difference in your efforts to lose weight for beach season this year. If you’re ready to get organized with your diet and exercise and finally start to see results, you can download this free template to your computer.

Using the Weight Loss Tracker

Start in the “BMI Info” tab to get started on documenting your statistics. You can use the information listed in this table to index your own body type, which will help in the next few tabs of the Weight Loss Tracker.

Next, go to the “Data Entry” tab. This area will supplement the main dashboard with your exercise and diet information. You will just fill out the required data that is listed at the top of this section. This section also helps you keep track of your macros (protein, carbs, etc.) for your diet as well. This will allow you to try new dietary plans as you begin to recognize patterns in weight loss over time.

The “Dashboard” tab is where the magic happens. The first thing you will need to do in this section is enter your personal size information, such as your height and weight. As you scroll down on this page, you will notice that you can also set goals as well.
As you continue to enter information into the “Data Entry” tab, the template will automatically update your statistics to show your progress in the graphs and charts below.

The bar graph to the upper-right of the screen is your overall progress towards your weight goal. It will display your progress percentage as well.

This template is designed to keep you motivated and organized on your journey to better health this year.

Download: weight-loss-tracker

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